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Jay-Z covers TIME Magazine: The 100 Most Influential People in the World 
Jay Z embodies so much of what makes New York New York. A kid from a tough neighborhood who grows up in public housing, overcomes lots of bad influences on the street, never lets go of his dream, makes it to the top — and then keeps going, pursuing new outlets for his creativity and ambition. When no one would sign him to a record contract, he created his own label and built a music empire — before going on to design clothing lines, open sports bars and, most recently, represent professional athletes. He’s an artist-entrepreneur who stands at the center of culture and commerce in 21st century America, and his influence stretches across races, religions and regions. He’s never forgotten his roots — “Empire State of Mind” was a love song to our city — and as a co-owner of the NBA Nets, he helped bring a major league sports team back to Brooklyn, not far from his old neighborhood. In nearly everything he’s tried, he’s found success. (He even put a ring on Beyoncé.) And in doing so, he’s proved that the American Dream is alive and well.


Young Chris “Still Creeping” Video

I love this tune. Most thought that Young Chris would be a one hit wonder. This track released just before his mix tape ‘The Revival’ proves he’s not. In fact he’s pretty talented. The video is simple and effective adds to the stripped back effect of the track adding to its freestyle sound. All round bad tune.

Lil Man ft. T. Cash- Big Bootie (Official Video)

It’s all about big bootie„,need i really say more„,enjoy shaking you’re bootie! xoxo

CyHi The Prynce “Cold As Ice”

This track is from CyHi The Prynce Royal Flush 2 mixtape. He’s 27 years old and bosom buddies with kanye, and signed to Def Jam. Vitamin E is responsible for the visuals in this video.   The Original dubbed tune is actually from an early 70’s track by the Foreigners ’cold as ice’,  It was once again rehashed into a great hip hop track and made famous by M.O.P.  It seems that the sample is timeless, being once more rehashed. This track boasts some great lines. I happen to love the opening line’fucking with me is like Russian roulette’. xoxox

Big K.R.I.T. “Money On The Floor” (feat. 8Ball, MJG &

2 Chainz)

This track features Memphis rap legends 8Ball & MJG as well as 2 Chainz.. This track was produced by Big K.R.I.T himself and the video showcases appearances from Nelly and T.I.  Def Jam are reportedly releasing K.R.I.T.’s album ‘Live From The Underground’ early this year. It is rumoured that they have already pushed the release date back. So it will be interesting to see what happens. xoxo

DAVID BANNER “SWAG” The Official Video

This tune is taken from his album make believe. David banner raises some good points and does take a shot at Odds Future Tyler, The Creater and more prominently the White Girl Mob. I happen to love the song. It is another deep one from this southern artist. Enjoy. xoxo

J. Cole - Lost Ones

This is an original track by J. Cole before he became famous, when he was unsigned.  I think that this is one deep and feeling tune. He only just released it, around  3 years after making it.

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